Introducing the NBV240NX, a cutting-edge cleaning solution designed to revolutionize your cleaning experience. With its longer runtime and increased power, this innovative device guarantees enhanced cleaning productivity like never before. Powered by the NX300 high-power lithium battery pack, the NBV240NX ensures extended operation time, providing up to 80 minutes of continuous cleaning on a single charge. And when it’s time to recharge, the NBV240NX offers the convenience of a rapid one-hour fast charge. Equipped with a newly developed, high-performance digital motor, this cleaning marvel delivers exceptional suction power, effortlessly tackling dirt, dust, and debris. As part of the interchangeable battery network, the NBV240NX provides the flexibility to swap batteries with other compatible devices, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning sessions. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the NBV240NX and experience the ultimate combination of endurance, power, and efficiency.