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Numatic NQ100 /2

Introducing the Numatic Quick: The Ultimate Cordless Cleaning Solution

Experience the next level of cleaning efficiency with the Numatic Quick – a powerhouse designed to make your cleaning routine easier, faster, and completely dust-free. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional vacuum cleaners and embrace the cutting-edge technology that the Numatic Quick brings to your home.

Powerful and Cordless: Unleash the cleaning prowess of the Numatic Quick as it effortlessly tackles dirt, dust, and debris with its powerful suction capabilities. The cordless design grants you the freedom to move around without being tethered to a power outlet. With up to 120 minutes of runtime on a single charge, you can cover every nook and cranny of your living space without interruption.

Huge 1L Capacity: No need to pause your cleaning session to constantly empty the dust container. The Numatic Quick boasts a generous 1-liter capacity, allowing you to clean more and empty less. This means you can focus on getting the job done and enjoy a cleaner home in no time.

Dust-Free Emptying with Innovative Pod System: Revolutionize your cleaning routine with the Numatic Quick’s ingenious one-click, dust-free emptying feature. Our high-efficiency Pod system ensures that disposing of collected debris is a breeze – simply click, empty, and you’re ready to continue cleaning. Say goodbye to messy encounters with dust and allergens.

Interchangeable Batteries for Extended Cleaning: We understand that every cleaning task is unique. That’s why the Numatic Quick comes with 2 x interchangeable batteries, each providing up to 60 minutes of cordless cleaning power. Swap out batteries on the go and experience uninterrupted cleaning sessions, whether it’s a quick touch-up or a thorough deep clean.

Upgrade your cleaning game with the Numatic Quick and transform the way you maintain your living space. Embrace the power of a truly dust-free, cordless cleaning experience that will leave your home looking pristine and inviting. Say hello to convenience, efficiency, and innovation – say hello to the Numatic Quick.

Customer Reviews

“Never let me down. Very knowledgeable about all aspects of the industry and willing to help in every department.”
Simon - Carpet Cleaning
“I have been using G Bradbury for all our cleaning and janitorial supplies for over 3 years now. Fantastic customer service and handy location close to the city centre so if we ever run out and need something urgently can nip to their trade counter to pick up whats needed.”
C Batty - Retail Shop